Ariel Leguizamón & Yesica Esquivel

Ariel Leguizamón and Yesica Esquivel are the winners of the 2016 Pelando Variación, an event that can be seen as something comparable to the NBA Slam Dunk competition for tango fans. Unlike the Mundial, where dancers are judged on their dance to a whole song, competitors in the Pelando Variación are judged on how well they dance to the variaciónes (the last one to two minutes of a song that is usually the most dramatic). There are two categories – improvisation and choreography.

Ariel and Yesica have been dancing together for 20 years or so, becoming professionals in 2007. They are extremely well known in Argentina on the teaching and the performing circuits. The couple has performed all over the world in countries such as Thailand, Turkey, and Japan – including several tours with the prestigious “Compañia Roberto Herrera”.

As Instructors Ariel Leguizamon and Yeisca Esquivel had taught in Canada, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Thailand and Turkey. In Argentina Ariel and Yesica are continually invited to teach at several schools as guests teachers such as :
Escuela Argentina de Tango
Dana Frigoli’s DNI Tango School
La Viruta Tango School
El Juvenil Tango School