Florencia Borgnia & Marcos Pereira

Runner-ups in the Tango Salon category at the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship of 2015,  Marcos Pereira and Florencia Borgnia have come far in their professional dancing career. Between 2013 and 2014, the couple was part of the historic “Café Tortoni´s Show” in Buenos Aires. They have mainly studied with Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, who in 2014 included Marcos and Florencia in their Company “Corporación Tangos -alumnos-“, performing in many differents milongas and theatres in Buenos Aires. Moreover, they have studied with Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Andrés “Tanguito” Cejas and Genoveva Fernández, Fernando Galera, Raúl Bravo, Graciela González, among others. At the present time, they work at the well known “Argentine Tango School” (Escuela Argentina de Tango), giving lessons for differents levels; and they are also part of ENTA (Nacional Space of Argentine Tango), the National Government´s Company.